Dissecting Pacquiao-Marquez 2

With 17 days left to go before the showdown between unfinished businesses between the two light weights Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez comes into completion.

Fight fans are still undecided where to place their bets on. Marquez with his last two fights was not that promising and Pacquiao is a much improved two handed fighter now but still Marquez is a counter puncher and counter punchers are best when they face a slugger like Pacquiao.

So allow me to dissect the two fighters in terms of physical and mental ability going into the match.

Tale of the tape:

Pacquiao:                                                                      Marquez:

Stance: South paw                                                        Stance: Orthodox

Height: 5’6 1/2”                                                             Height: 5’7”

Reach: 67”                                                                      Reach: 67”

Record: 45-3-2                                                               Record: 48-3-1

Its almost an identical stats between the two fighters with Marquez slightly taller than Manny and has more fights compared to Manny. But height is negligible because they both have the same reach and Manny has more quality match up compared to Marquez. So basically its an even steven for both Manny and Juan.


After the Barrera fight Manny doubt his reign in the 130 lb division and was believed to move up 5lbs higher because he had difficulty making the weight limit and ballooned up to 144lbs on the day of the fight against Barrera. Manny is 6lbs overweight right now where as Marquez is already primed and ripped. Manny right now is confident of making the 130lb weight limit and with 17 days to go I could not see why. Marquez in the other hand was a dominant 126 lb fighter but moving up in the 130lb division was not at all promising to Juan Marquez as his power is not that evident winning all of his fights in the 130lb division by decision but this is how a tactician works and a counter puncher doesn’t necessarily be a knockout fighter that’s why fans find him boring because he just prefer to counter punch rather than be aggressive.


Manny is on his prime at age 29 and Marquez is a 34 aged veteran. Although stamina and the wear and tear factor plays a vital role but with proper training Marquez could really catch up with Manny but the questioned would be timing and reflexes since those two would really go with age as we speak.


Like they say “Styles makes fight”. Manny is a crowd drawer with his no fear like attitude I just cant see why fans don’t like him. But back in 2004 Marquez showed the Achilles heel of Manny even though he was down three times his counter punching skills made Manny puzzled and bewildered in that match. But that was before because Manny is now a thinking boxer as shown in the Barrera fight. He is not the one dimensional Manny Pacquiao we know before but a much improved boxer. Now the question would be how a counter puncher would match up with a two handed thinking boxer??

Power and Speed:

Although these two factors seems to be Manny’s asset but Marquez is a good tactician. As long as he is wise not to mix it up with Manny and as long as he stick to his game plan I could see him successful in this point.

Who wants it more:

Juan Marquez wanted this fight as his last farewell fight and wanted to carve a name for himself as one of the greatest Mexican boxer of all time. Manny in the other hand has a country around his back and a future mega million fight awaiting. Who wants it more?


Now you can have all the time to deliberate the boxer you would be betting on but with both guys wanting to finish what they have started I know this fight would not go to the distance. Would it be Manny or Juan? Lets wait and see.





6 Responses to Dissecting Pacquiao-Marquez 2

  1. Joe says:

    How will Pac deal with body shots and counter punches from the outset ? Especailly if does not have the advantage this time of 3 knockdowns? Seems no one id giving JMM any credit… Pac’s speed and power unfamilarty will no be an element of surprise this time around as JMM will better be suited to time Pac as he customarily comes in and lunges off balance. Seems that Pac did not respond too well to body shots …. Enough talking let them settle it in the ring!

    Is this a Filipino print media source? It has to be, it is so biased and unprofessional. JMM fights GODZILLA on 3/15/08.

  2. hingedman says:

    @Joe- This is just an opinion of sorts. Although JMM is a good counter puncher and im giving credit where credit is due… i just cant seem to fathom how a 34 year old fighter could win against a prime Manny. Lets all remember last 4 years ago that JMM was 29 and on his prime and Manny blasted him. Though he survive but i just cant see him do that this time…
    I know there are not enough reasons for justification here…. lets just all watch and enjoy this fight!

  3. @Joe says:

    Using the first Pacquiao-Marquez fight as basis as to what can happen this weekend is totally absurd. Both fighters are better boxers now so it would be quite unfair to say that PacMan can’t deal with JMM’s counterpunching this time around. Again, PacMan now is much more complete fighter than in their 2004 tiff and is much more experienced unlike JMM who has been beating up patsies like Rocky Juarez whom he failed to even put into the canvass.

    JMM will be confused this time with too many punches and he will never know what hit him untill he’s able to watch the post-fight replays. Imho, it will be PacMan by KO in 7th or 8th round. Manny’s power is too much for Marquez in fact even a dinosaur like Barrera was able to put Marquez on his knees so what makes you think PacMan can’t do the same to Marquez.

  4. yok says:

    many people overlook that Manny throws stronger punches than before so maybe that’s all he need to win this fight considering that there are 12 rounds to hit the target. i like marquez but i just can’t imagine how he can avoid manny’s power for 12 rounds

  5. Pacman says:

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