Two great Fights…

I hurriedly rose up from a deep slumber once my alarm clock went ringing. I got all the reasons to be excited with two of the most exciting fights of the year gracing my eyes.


The trilogy between Israel Vasquez and Rafael Marquez was the first fight I saw. True to its word the trilogy started like it was a continuation of the first two fights. Marquez was his usual form hitting the champion with precise jabs and crisp uppercuts. For the first four rounds he was dominating the fight and decking Israel in the fourth hitting the champion in the chin twice. I thought it was all over for Israel but as far as I could remember when he fought Johnny Gonzales where in he was down twice but went for a comeback and knocking Johnny out for a win. Israel made a crucial turn in the next two rounds and went on to his bread and butter game which is the inside offense. The fight was a thriller and a candidate for fight of the year. It was a see saw battle until Marquez was deducted by one point after four warnings of low blows. Although Marquez tried to be patient but Vasquez consistently dictating the fight with power shots making Marquez legs wobbled a couple of times in the fight. The fight for me was only decided on the last round wherein Vasquez if not for the ropes might have knock Marquez out but the referee still made the mandatory 8 count for a knock down rule against Marquez. Israel Vasquez proved to everybody that the first win is not a fluke and he is a force to reckon with. And will stay a champion for a long time.

Anderson Silva has an immaculate record in the MMA destroying each opponent who tried to grab his title. A good striker and a black belt jiu jitsu fighter Anderson has run out of opponent until Dan Henderson challenge him. Dan is a multi awarded fighter in the MMA arena a future hall of famer and a fighter who fights in a number of weight classes. Silva on the first round was clearly dominated by the grecko roman champion Henderson. Although a full mount was almost executed by Dan but Silva easily evades it. Round 2 was a good start for Dan but a knee on the head made Dan wobbled and be wildered. And as both are down on the canvass Silva went on Dan’s back and tried to execute a rare naked choke. Dan tried to escape Silva’s snake like choke but only made himself a deeper hole. Dan tapped out and Silva once again became the undisputed undefeated champion.


I was all smiles all day happy about the outcome of both of each fights. I have witness a monumental fight today Vasquez and Silva has made a great statement today and the fact that they won in an impressive fashion states a lot for those two fighters. With more fights coming there’s a reason to smile everyday.


I’d like to share the Vasquez-Marquez fight with you… you can download the video at this link.




3 Responses to Two great Fights…

  1. Bangkok says:

    thank u for sharing the fight with us
    keeo up your good work
    I will be a regular reader of ur blog

  2. ekspekt says:

    interesting post, will come back here, bookmarked your site

  3. […] Me apresuré se levantó de un profundo sueño, una vez fue mi despertador sonando. Tengo todas las razones para estar emocionados con dos de las peleas más emocionantes del año adornando mis ojos. La trilogía entre Israel Vázquez y Rafael Márquez fue el primer combate que vi. Fiel a su palabra la trilogía comenzó [. . . ] URL del artículo original […]

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