Leon’s Den

It’s just so hard to fathom why some people give up life that easily. Loosing your house, businesses or even love ones doesn’t give you the right to take your own lives because you’re tired and wanted everything to stop. You wanted the world to sympathize on you and if you don’t get that attention then you let the revolver do the talking.

There are other people who are less fortunate and there are other people who needs help more than you do.

Leon Powe epitomizes the success of going through a lot of adversities. His dad left him while he was two and their house burned down making him and his mother homeless for years. He was left to the care of a foster home and basketball soon became Leon’s haven. He met his mother again but was cut short after his mother died in a tragic death weeks before his state championship. He made basketball his comfort zone and continued to work harder. He made it through college playing for California Golden Bears. A series of knee injuries on his second year made Leon frustrated but he persevere and were drafted as 49th pick for the Denver Nuggets. He was then traded to the Boston Celtics and was on the bench for almost half of the season. Leon’s golden opportunity came when Boston’s reliable big man Kevin Garnet got injured. It was his time to shine and he shined brighter than ever scoring a career high of 25 points and 11 rebounds while beating the hapless Miami heat.


Leon might not be an all star in the making but he gave us a wonderful lesson. A lesson of life and how to deal with life’s misery life is all there is it’s either were stuck on all our problems and pains or simply we move on. Leon Powe continues to struggle with minutes on the bench but Leon has gone too far to let go… His den and his home is basketball and if he gives up what’s there to look forward to… Problems will pass and we should look up to Leon… Leon’s den.

Leon Powe


3 Responses to Leon’s Den

  1. […] WéG added an interesting post today on Leonâ […]

  2. fouledout says:

    he showed his game when KG got injured, but now that KG is back, powe will likely see inconsistent minutes once again..

  3. Den de León says:

    […] Es tan difícil de entender por qué algunas personas a dejar de vida tan fácilmente. Perder su casa, empresas o incluso el amor los no le da el derecho a tomar su propia vida porque estás cansado y quería que todo se detenga. Usted quería que el mundo simpatizan con usted y si usted no recibe la atención que [. . . ] URL del artículo original https://hingedman.wordpress.com/2008/03/06/leons-den/ […]

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