The Pacquiao-Marquez 2 main appetizer

With barely a week to go before the mega showdown between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez everyone is all hype up. Everybody’s talking about the anticipated match but there is still one undercard match to watch for. It’s the battle between Diosdado “the prince” Gabi against a bemedalled amateur boxer who is undefeated in the pro ranks, Abner Mares. With almost 6 years in age difference Abner with his immaculate record with 15 wins and 9 KOs has a slight advantage against the veteran Gabi. With 3 inches in height difference Abner can easily jab and control the fight in a distance. Gabi is known also for his power with a record of 30 wins and 21 by way of knockout with only 3 losses. Although Gabi is also a good counter puncher Abner could spell trouble to him. Gabi has difficulty against power punching fighters. He challenged the formerly undefeated Armenian Vic Darchinyan for the IBF and IBO flyweight title and although he was leading in the scorecards Gabi failed to contain the unorthodox fighter. He was caught by a left punch in the 8th round and lost via knockout.

Abner Mares maybe a good boxing prospect and this fight will be the acid test for greatness. But he should be aware that a primed and battle tested Gabi maybe too much to handle. Gabi tasted defeat and kiss the canvass in his colorful career he has nothing to lose and more to gain about this fight. The undefeated fighter would always be the pressured fighter coming in the fight… Remember Boomboom Bautista’s fate? He was good but to pit him against a tough fighter like Ponce De leon it was just too much to handle. Its like pitting a Chihuahua against a German shepherd. No, Gabi is not Ponce and Abner is no where like Boomboom but my opinion is that Abner and Golden Boy should choose a much lighter fighter with somewhat identical record like him. Gabi’s 30 wins are half of what Abner’s winning record.

The Pacquiao-Marquez 2 is a dream matchup but like any other meal a good appetizer could hype up the main course. So lets just enjoy what the menu has to offer.


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