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March 22, 2008

I am having a new domain and site… there i would be transfering some of my blogs..and updates would be place there… so for the upcoming PBA updates please do check my blog..thanks for all the support…


Live Strong…

September 19, 2007

I was only 3 years old when I watched ET with his bike flying across the moon. I was so amazed and tried it myself only I ended up in a canal outside our small second floor house. I have to be admitted to the hospital and be given a treatment because blood was rushing over from my mouth and lost all my front teeth. Ouch i promise myself never to touch a bicycle and while everyone has a good memory on the Classic ET I had some trouble watching that said movie. I was just glad that it was about 20 plus years ago and what has been missing are now growing quite okay. Hehehe

Lance Armstrong was the athlete of the year in 2002 and won the Tour de France for seven consecutive times out classing Miguel Indurain, Bernard Hinault, Eddy Merckx and Jacques Anquetil.

He was the truest inspirational athlete because while having that done he had to undergo a germ cell tumor and a testicular cancer in 1996 before capturing the golden feat in tour de France from 1999-2005. I remember one time while I was watching ESPN he was asked what makes him successful. Lance told them about determination and hard work. Even on Christmas day or New Years Eve his out on the field with his bike.

He wanted to prove to everyone that having gone such a traumatic sickness does not hinder us to achieve greatness and greatness it is for Lance.

Have you seen the famous Yellow Baller id or band? Well he and Nike made that concept helping his charity foundation with a tag which goes “Live Strong” and earned 60 whooping million dollars in a fight for cancer. He retired but we seldom see an athlete like him… not in this generation or maybe generations to come.

We are just lucky we live in this era. And as for me i’ve learned to master my fear and happy watching ET again. Geez I just notice Drew Barrymore was in that movie…

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