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March 22, 2008

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Pacquiao-Marquez 2: Who really won?

March 17, 2008



The bell rang for the 12th time and Manny Pacquiao and Juan Marquez went exchanging blows like it was still in round 1. The fight was dead even and with Marquez connecting with a right hand to the body and Pacquiao with a left hook to the head fans were cheering endlessly chanting there names back and forth. Until the bell sounded for the last time and both warriors raised their fist in the air declaring victory.

The fight was a classic and either way both fighters are declared winner. Manny Pacquiao has set some high standards on all his fights that being declared a split decision or without a knockout victory people get frustrated and criticized his performance. Pacquiao has made a vast improvement from what I’ve seen last Saturday. The head movement and footspeed was always there but I was amazed on his controlled aggression and his body movement. If it was an ordinary fighter Manny had already floored him in the first round. But Marquez was such a beauty watching his boxing clinic hitting Manny and neutralizing his left hand with good right jabs and body shots. The fight could go either way but a knock down in the 3rd round proved to be the focal point in the judges decision.

Although Marquez lost his belt but his legacy is still intact proving his worth against Eric Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera. He is the only fighter who could withstand the Filipino’s speed and power and although it was a close decision but I scored the fight 114-113 for Manny. Statistically it was Marquez who landed the most hits on Pacquiao but Manny has landed the more meaningful shots in the fight.

I would understand Marquez emotions and with his brother losing to a decision against Israel Vasquez last month. It’s a bit frustrating to loose a fight with so much pride and with a lot of things involved. With two belts, a chance of redemption and with the Mexican nation at his back it was just too much to handle.

I think Marquez did what it took to win the fight but I guess Manny also done his homework. Fans are calling for Pacquiao-Marquez 3 with so many controversies involved and to finish the unfinished business once and for all.

So who really won the fight between the two top pound for pound fighters in the world today? It’s us the fans….Kudos to top rank and golden boy for making this fight a reality.

And with still so much hype going on I can already smell a trilogy coming…


Change of belts





The Pacquiao-Marquez 2 main appetizer

March 13, 2008

With barely a week to go before the mega showdown between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez everyone is all hype up. Everybody’s talking about the anticipated match but there is still one undercard match to watch for. It’s the battle between Diosdado “the prince” Gabi against a bemedalled amateur boxer who is undefeated in the pro ranks, Abner Mares. With almost 6 years in age difference Abner with his immaculate record with 15 wins and 9 KOs has a slight advantage against the veteran Gabi. With 3 inches in height difference Abner can easily jab and control the fight in a distance. Gabi is known also for his power with a record of 30 wins and 21 by way of knockout with only 3 losses. Although Gabi is also a good counter puncher Abner could spell trouble to him. Gabi has difficulty against power punching fighters. He challenged the formerly undefeated Armenian Vic Darchinyan for the IBF and IBO flyweight title and although he was leading in the scorecards Gabi failed to contain the unorthodox fighter. He was caught by a left punch in the 8th round and lost via knockout.

Abner Mares maybe a good boxing prospect and this fight will be the acid test for greatness. But he should be aware that a primed and battle tested Gabi maybe too much to handle. Gabi tasted defeat and kiss the canvass in his colorful career he has nothing to lose and more to gain about this fight. The undefeated fighter would always be the pressured fighter coming in the fight… Remember Boomboom Bautista’s fate? He was good but to pit him against a tough fighter like Ponce De leon it was just too much to handle. Its like pitting a Chihuahua against a German shepherd. No, Gabi is not Ponce and Abner is no where like Boomboom but my opinion is that Abner and Golden Boy should choose a much lighter fighter with somewhat identical record like him. Gabi’s 30 wins are half of what Abner’s winning record.

The Pacquiao-Marquez 2 is a dream matchup but like any other meal a good appetizer could hype up the main course. So lets just enjoy what the menu has to offer.

Two great Fights…

March 2, 2008

I hurriedly rose up from a deep slumber once my alarm clock went ringing. I got all the reasons to be excited with two of the most exciting fights of the year gracing my eyes.


The trilogy between Israel Vasquez and Rafael Marquez was the first fight I saw. True to its word the trilogy started like it was a continuation of the first two fights. Marquez was his usual form hitting the champion with precise jabs and crisp uppercuts. For the first four rounds he was dominating the fight and decking Israel in the fourth hitting the champion in the chin twice. I thought it was all over for Israel but as far as I could remember when he fought Johnny Gonzales where in he was down twice but went for a comeback and knocking Johnny out for a win. Israel made a crucial turn in the next two rounds and went on to his bread and butter game which is the inside offense. The fight was a thriller and a candidate for fight of the year. It was a see saw battle until Marquez was deducted by one point after four warnings of low blows. Although Marquez tried to be patient but Vasquez consistently dictating the fight with power shots making Marquez legs wobbled a couple of times in the fight. The fight for me was only decided on the last round wherein Vasquez if not for the ropes might have knock Marquez out but the referee still made the mandatory 8 count for a knock down rule against Marquez. Israel Vasquez proved to everybody that the first win is not a fluke and he is a force to reckon with. And will stay a champion for a long time.

Anderson Silva has an immaculate record in the MMA destroying each opponent who tried to grab his title. A good striker and a black belt jiu jitsu fighter Anderson has run out of opponent until Dan Henderson challenge him. Dan is a multi awarded fighter in the MMA arena a future hall of famer and a fighter who fights in a number of weight classes. Silva on the first round was clearly dominated by the grecko roman champion Henderson. Although a full mount was almost executed by Dan but Silva easily evades it. Round 2 was a good start for Dan but a knee on the head made Dan wobbled and be wildered. And as both are down on the canvass Silva went on Dan’s back and tried to execute a rare naked choke. Dan tried to escape Silva’s snake like choke but only made himself a deeper hole. Dan tapped out and Silva once again became the undisputed undefeated champion.


I was all smiles all day happy about the outcome of both of each fights. I have witness a monumental fight today Vasquez and Silva has made a great statement today and the fact that they won in an impressive fashion states a lot for those two fighters. With more fights coming there’s a reason to smile everyday.


I’d like to share the Vasquez-Marquez fight with you… you can download the video at this link.



Dissecting Pacquiao-Marquez 2

February 27, 2008

With 17 days left to go before the showdown between unfinished businesses between the two light weights Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez comes into completion.

Fight fans are still undecided where to place their bets on. Marquez with his last two fights was not that promising and Pacquiao is a much improved two handed fighter now but still Marquez is a counter puncher and counter punchers are best when they face a slugger like Pacquiao.

So allow me to dissect the two fighters in terms of physical and mental ability going into the match.

Tale of the tape:

Pacquiao:                                                                      Marquez:

Stance: South paw                                                        Stance: Orthodox

Height: 5’6 1/2”                                                             Height: 5’7”

Reach: 67”                                                                      Reach: 67”

Record: 45-3-2                                                               Record: 48-3-1

Its almost an identical stats between the two fighters with Marquez slightly taller than Manny and has more fights compared to Manny. But height is negligible because they both have the same reach and Manny has more quality match up compared to Marquez. So basically its an even steven for both Manny and Juan.


After the Barrera fight Manny doubt his reign in the 130 lb division and was believed to move up 5lbs higher because he had difficulty making the weight limit and ballooned up to 144lbs on the day of the fight against Barrera. Manny is 6lbs overweight right now where as Marquez is already primed and ripped. Manny right now is confident of making the 130lb weight limit and with 17 days to go I could not see why. Marquez in the other hand was a dominant 126 lb fighter but moving up in the 130lb division was not at all promising to Juan Marquez as his power is not that evident winning all of his fights in the 130lb division by decision but this is how a tactician works and a counter puncher doesn’t necessarily be a knockout fighter that’s why fans find him boring because he just prefer to counter punch rather than be aggressive.


Manny is on his prime at age 29 and Marquez is a 34 aged veteran. Although stamina and the wear and tear factor plays a vital role but with proper training Marquez could really catch up with Manny but the questioned would be timing and reflexes since those two would really go with age as we speak.


Like they say “Styles makes fight”. Manny is a crowd drawer with his no fear like attitude I just cant see why fans don’t like him. But back in 2004 Marquez showed the Achilles heel of Manny even though he was down three times his counter punching skills made Manny puzzled and bewildered in that match. But that was before because Manny is now a thinking boxer as shown in the Barrera fight. He is not the one dimensional Manny Pacquiao we know before but a much improved boxer. Now the question would be how a counter puncher would match up with a two handed thinking boxer??

Power and Speed:

Although these two factors seems to be Manny’s asset but Marquez is a good tactician. As long as he is wise not to mix it up with Manny and as long as he stick to his game plan I could see him successful in this point.

Who wants it more:

Juan Marquez wanted this fight as his last farewell fight and wanted to carve a name for himself as one of the greatest Mexican boxer of all time. Manny in the other hand has a country around his back and a future mega million fight awaiting. Who wants it more?


Now you can have all the time to deliberate the boxer you would be betting on but with both guys wanting to finish what they have started I know this fight would not go to the distance. Would it be Manny or Juan? Lets wait and see.




It’s a dog eats dog thing…

February 5, 2008

Last Saturday Z Gorres and Vic Darchinyan went toe to toe in an eliminator bout with the winner going to a championship match with the reigning IBF champion Dimitri Kirilov.

Z went into the fight with the usual Black with white trims of the Ala Boys… but one thing I notice about Z’s attire… he is wearing a shade of fear behind his smiles and machismo look while walking across the aisle before a boisterous and critical crowd. Z was a tactician and a good boxer but never in his caliber did he face a brawler and a puncher like Vic… I was amazed how big Vic Darchinyan went into the fight while they were listening to the referee’s instructions. Z’s eyes was not the usual fighter I saw in all his fights… he was somewhat afraid and intimidated of the raging bull.

The fight started out with a bang with Z moving side to side confusing Vic with Jabs and ducking in whenever Vic approaches with his power shots. The first round ended with a controversial knock down which was clearly a slip by Gorres and the referee counted Gorres with debris of coins and mineral waters flying to his direction.

Z caught Darchinyan with a good right to the jaw that down Vic in the second round… But like on his match against Montiel… Z went in for the kill… swaying haymakers neglecting his game plan in favored Vic and the raging bull was back on his game.

Z could have made Vic look stupid with his speed and defense but instead he went toe to toe and got tired. Vic is a telegraph fighter in which you could easily see his punches. But Z failed to capitalize it and paid dearly.

Although the fight ended with a controversial split draw but I thought Darchinyan won the fight. Gorres gave his heart in the fight and proved to everyone that he deserves to be in that caliber with Vic. But in spite of Vic’s dirty tactics Z went into the fight neglecting his game plan. Vic would always be what he is…. He was awkward and dirty but Z was not the Z Gorres we saw while conquering the likes of Eric Ortiz and Fernando Montiel.

He wasn’t the confident boxer we know going into that fight.

A rematch is being penciled out and I guess this time Z would come in the fight prepared and confident. The fight with Vic would be a stepping stone and learning experienced for Z… Z has to learn that in this cruel world of boxing it’s a dog eats dog thing.

who won?? picture by


My Fearless Forecast for Gorres-Darchinyan fight

January 23, 2008

Vic Darchinyan was doing the mitts when a young Gorres was doing his routine training in the Wild Card gym of Freddie Roach. Z was full of admiration as Vic Darchinyan unleashes his power. That scenario happened two years ago when Vic was an immovable force in the flyweight division. Vic’s vulnerability was heavily exposed by Nonito Donaire and Z Gorres lost to a questionable split decision against WBO champ Fernando Montiel.

Both boxers suffered a loss and both wanted to get redemption. This Feb.2 all is at stake for both of these warriors with the winner facing Dimitri Kirilov for the IBF championship belt.  Loosing is not an option here with one trying to set up his power punches and the other maximizing his speed and quickness.

I like Z Gorres chances since he is a good counter puncher and makes good decisions inside the ring but Vic Darchinyan’s power could very well spell out the outcome of the night. If Gorres can take Vic’s power then it’s a sure shot at the IBF belt but considering Vic’s ritual boxing stance he would readily be detected whenever he moves forward to set up his left hook as they say you cant teach old dogs new tricks.

This fight is a good barometer for both boxers and with only an inch height advantage this could very well be a toe to toe battle.

Im bad at predictions and as much as I wanted to be impartial but Z could very well loose this fight if he relaxes on Vic like what he did on Montiel in the later rounds. But nonetheless I see Gorres winning this fight in round 10 via Technical knockout.

Here goes my fearless forecast on Vic and Gorres showdown on Feb.2 but like the weather…its one thing we cant control….