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March 22, 2008

I am having a new domain and site… there i would be transfering some of my blogs..and updates would be place there… so for the upcoming PBA updates please do check my blog..thanks for all the support…


My 2008 Wishlist…

January 2, 2008

2008 will be a great year in sports as we approach the Olympics in Beijing China, the re birth of boxing and a tons of exciting things that will happen this year.

We all have our 2008 Wish list and I’ve created a wish list for this year as we approach the year of the earth Rat.

10.) A championship ring for Kevin Garnet and the re-birth of the Boston Celtics         dynasty.

09.) Stability for Lakers offense in a consistent Basis… I always dream of a Boston and Lakers intense rivalry to emerge but so far Lakers are blown out by the Celtics in all there season games…I think will have to wait for a new Showtime Lakers team to surface.

08.) Healthy Grant Hill… he deserves all the praises after he fought all the adversities and played hard to be always on top of the game.

07.) A belt for Z Gorres… After he will stop the cocky Darchinyan a face off with Kirilov is possible late this year.

06.) More fights this year for Gerry Peñalosa… a scheduled fight with Ponce De leon is already penciled out by GBP this February. After that fight I would love to see Gerry fight again. It’s really nice to see a tactician at work.

05.) A unified belt for boxing… Let’s face it the Alphabet belts for boxing makes people confused. We only need one champion so one champion needs only one belt…need I say more??

04.) Team USA’s basketball supremacy… It’s time to take the Olympics in a different level… USA has to win the gold in memory of the great Dream team one who traumatized each opponent as it cruises its way to victory. Execution will be the key to win that coveted gold medal not raw talent… hope they’ve learned that lesson.

03.) Mayweather’s Defeat… I’m not sure who will be the great boxer to win against “Money” Mayweather but surely that would be a good boxing match to see.

02.) A dream Match up for Nonito Donaire and Cristian Mijares… Both are sleek boxers and both are good champions… After Mijares emerge victorious against Jose Navarro this February a showdown with the Filipino Flash would be a great match up with the winner solidifying its ground in the light weight division.

01.) A good year for Manny…. This March 15 would be his rematch against Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez. The fight would be a grudge match that should have happened years ago. Manny wanted to fight 3 times this year… I would love to see him fight Marquez, then Diaz (It maybe David or Juan) and a showdown with Ricky Hatton.


So there you go folks… my 2008 wishlist…

The heart of Ronny (a Laker story)

November 7, 2007

The Lakers this start of the season is really looking good except for some constant boos in the crowd against Kobe. After a thrilling opener night where they lost to Houston the Lakers cruise to a 2-2 record beating Phoenix in a loop-sided victory in the process.

It’s not about Kobe anymore but it’s all about the team going through adversities and finding the right chemistry after the humored trade between Kobe and the Bulls.

Speaking of Adversities there is one player who has been through such a drastic experienced and now having the time of his life playing as a power forward/ center for the Lakers.

After being drafted by the Lakers in 2005 as a second round 37th overall draft pick, Ronny Turiaf was relieved and happy that he will be able to fulfill his life time dream to play in the NBA. But that dream didn’t seem to make it to reality as he was diagnosed of an enlarged aortic root from his heart while undergoing a physical checkup and needs to be operated. The Lakers have to negate his rookie contract and Ronny was devastated and was crushed as he was only given a glimpse of a dream he badly wanted.

He was a talented player with high hopes as his accomplishments made him a star in his country, joining the likes of Tony Parker, Mickael Pietrus and Boris Diaw.

After a successful Open heart surgery Ronny undergo rehabilitation and a new reason to live on and to fulfill the dream he have once had. With only 6 months after the surgery Ronny went back to basketball and signed with a CBA team since the Lakers expected him to be back in the 2006-07 season.

But LA offered Ronny a new contract and Ronny without question went on to sign with the Lakers, the team that believe in him, the team that welcomed him with open arms and so the rest was history. With his high octane energy Ronny is just so fun to watch with his defense and offense in the court. He made his own personal legend and by standing up when everybody expects him to be down he showed to us how we could conquer our own fears and making it by just believing and showing your best. I wonder if he could give some to his fellow players like Andrew Bynum who is slowly making waves in LA or to Kobe for some obvious reason.

Making evergame 110 %

A tribute to Dads…

November 2, 2007

Ever since we were young we always dreamed about what were gonna be when we grow old. Yah I also dreamed of becoming an astronaut like everybody does… hehehe I could still remember the movie ET when the boy rode his bike and fly unto the moon… I was so amazed that I tried it myself going to the top of our second floor house with my small kiddy bike then off I go down to the stairs and down to the canal near our house.. That was such an awful experienced not to mention loosing my two front teeth at such an early age… hehehe
I played basketball when I was in grade two and also dreamed of becoming the likes of Mr. no.23 if you know what I mean… but never really materialized the only achievement I had was being a champion in our CE team way way back in my college days.

I remembered a story that I really had to share to all of you.

There was a boy who dreamed of becoming part of the school varsity team. He played so hard and practice hard that somehow made quite an impression of the team’s coach. So because of his determination and work ethic he easily made the team’s roster. He has a supportive and loving dad that even in his practice his dad was there to support him. But because he was a newbie he was never given a chance to play in any of his team’s games. But he never gives up and his dad was always there in all of his games even though his minutes are limited. Until he reached on his senior year his minutes improved but there was no significant playing time given to him but his dad was always there cheering him up and encouraging him to play harder. One day his dad got ill and was suffering from a cancer which became malignant. The season was slowly ending and find themselves in a elimination game which was very important for them because a win might give them a clean ticket to the finals.
The day before the elimination game the boy’s dad died. His coach wanted him to rest because of all the emotional things he has been through it would not be proper to let him play on this state.
On the day of the game the team was down by 20 points at the end of the half. So it was merely impossible to catch up considering their fire house opponent which was the seasons favorite team. The coach was hopeless finding answers to all the mismatch they have. While they were on the locker room they were all surprised to see the boy on his uniform. Then the boy went to his coach crying and begging to let him play. The coach was touched and gives the boy the go signal and the fact that they are down by 20 points might as well give the playing time to the boy and somehow could heal his depression while losing his no.1 supporter …his dad…
Game time… the boy scored a lay-up made a steal and convert a 3 point shot. He was playing so well and he played good defense against taller and muscular opponents. In just 5 minutes of the 3rd quarter the gap was narrowed down to only a point. Then the scoring barraged didn’t stop there. The coach was so amazed and couldn’t believed what he was seeing. There were double teams and triple teams but he always find a way to score. He was like a boy possessed with fire on his eyes. Then the team won not to mention in a very convincing fashion. The boy was a judged the best player of the game and everyone was awed and full of appraised. Then the coach said to the boy “ you played well kid why now? We could have used your talent before” the boy with tears in his eyes hug his coach and told him “Coach my father was my greatest fan. He was there when I was down and he was always there to encourage me to play harder. He always goes to all my games and all my practices. You see coach my father was blind he never sees what I was doing but he believes in me.. and now that his gone. This is gonna be the first time he will see me play. I want to proved to him that because of him I am a better player and I am a better person.”

We all have our potentials and eventhough sometimes we loose faith and started to question ourselves always remember that we always have our dad up above guiding us helping us when everything seems impossible. He mold us into his likeness making us a better person with a determined heart.

How tall are you??

October 31, 2007

During my growing up days I remember measuring my height through our wooden wall and mark the tip of my head with a line until I stop doing it when I started noticing a small improvement of my height. I became frustrated and was unhappy with each result my marker made. But I was fortunate that I was the tallest in our family…


The NBA produced the talented players around the globe and including also from the tallest and down to the Mugsy Bogues mini pincher size.

The tallest player who played in the NBA was a Sudan native who towers at 7’7” and with a wingspan of 8’6”, Manute Bol break history because of his height. I can even remember him shooting air ball threes… hehe He might have the height but the talent is scarce for this player. The last time I’ve heard about Manute Bol was in an ice hockey game in which he played for a charity game for his hometown.

Gheorge Muresan is a Romanian player who played in New Jersey and Washington. Muresan towers at 7’7” and has a wingspan of 7’10” he is a much talented center than Manute… he could block shots well and provided the ceiling for his team. A good low post player who also knows how to pass but unfortunately his career was cut short because of injuries he suffered on his legs.

Shawn Bradley and Yao Ming both towers at 7’6” but talent wise Yao Ming edges Bradley, Yao has good perimeter moves and shot blocking skills which creates double team and instant offense to the Houston Rockets. I just can’t imagine what his future son will be since he is married to a Chinese national team player who towers at 6’3”

Bradley in the other hand who wears a jersey no.76 and plays on the Philadelphia 76ers and has a height of 7’6” is a decent NBA player who one time lead in the block department. But above the entire most talented centers in the NBA there is only one player who is 7’1” but towers above any player who played in the NBA, Wilt Chamberlain broke the scoring record by making 100 points in a single game. He dominates the game and the best center who ever played in basketball who openly admits in having a multiple partner in almost every game he played. Wow I could imagine the no. of illegitimate children he has… hehehe

Height might be a factor but it doesn’t give you a ticket to instant greatness. A great player possesses the right attitude and determination. So it doesn’t matter how tall or short you are. It’s what’s inside you matters. Just like they say “height doesn’t matter”…

the freak of nature.. Manute Bol


NBA is coming…

October 29, 2007

With all the preseason trades and the hype going into the NBA season, this year would be a better and more exciting NBA we could ever imagine.

The monumental trade between Kevin Garnet in Boston and the signing of Ray Allen down from the injured Greg Oden from Kobe vs the Lakers and the gambling referees. These are all feelers for the real drama to enfold right in our very eyes this coming season.

The East this time would be a more competitive and exciting teams to watch. With Boston trading top players for Kevin Garnet and acquiring Ray Allen to boost the young and energetic line up of Boston which already includes all star guard Paul Pierce.

Miami made a late off season trade involving five players including forward Antoinne Walker. In return they got a perennial slashing guard in Ricky Davis. Ricky would complement Wade and can also can come up in the bench and provide quality scoring minutes. Orlando Magic built their franchise in their emerging superstar Dwight Howard and the signing of Rashard Lewis would instill leadership to this team and could help in the offensive department as well and they could very well be a contender in the playoffs.

The bulls also got a good scoring center which could very well complete it’s already all star roster in the likes of Joaquim Noah and Gray.

I believe these playoffs would be a showdown against Miami and the Bulls versus the winner against King James Cleveland and Garnet’s Boston. Now that would be a mouth watering match up.

But all in all I still believed the West would capture the Larry O’Brien cup since the wests don’t have that much changed in their rosters. And Stability and chemistry really is a factor in winning the championship. If Kenyon Martin is healthy this would be a blow out season for Denver. The acquisition of Grant Hill and Strawberry would provide solid offense for the run and gun of Phoenix. The Lakers could be in trouble of an early exit if trade talks don’t prosper. The Houston rockets steve francis, Tracy Mcgrady and Yao Ming show solidify their spot in the playoffs with new talent Scola making his way to the NBA. But this year the reigning champions the San Antonio Spurs could very well repeat this year’s championship but it all depends on a healthy Duncan. But like they always say the ball is round… so we never know…

A slingshot called AK47

September 17, 2007

When everybody thought Goliath was indestructible David swung his slingshot with all his might putting all his heart and believing anything is possible. And the mighty Goliath fell down and David became not only a name but a living proof that anything is possible if we all put our hearts to it.

The Spanish national basketball team not only dominated the European basketball it conquered the top place as they became the champions of the world beating Greece and USA in the making.

Lead by the Memphis Grizzlies Superstar Pau Gasol with a bunch of NBA potential all stars like Carlos Navarro, the sweet shooting Ivan Calderon and Toronto’s Jorge Garbajosa. They were hard to beat and they were fast and with the team gelling perfectly they are just so indestructible especially they are playing at home for the FIBA Europe Basketball.

It was a huge mountain to climb for team Russia and beating Spain on their home court is really unfathomable. But Russia had a slingshot in a form of an AK 47 known as Andrei Kirilenko the 6’9 forward who is an underrated superstar for the Utah Jazz converted some crucial baskets and protected the paint with block shots and unforgiving hassles.

Though Russia has some NBA players but it was no comparison to Spain’s superstars.

JR Holden is a division 1 player in the NCAA who was a naturalized Russian professional basketball player made a defensive stop against Pau Gasol. And with seconds left in the clock he fake a shot and up and under move and the ball went in to the rim. With a few seconds left Pau Gasol’s fade away shot almost hit the basket but when it goes in the ball just simply goes out. And Russians won the first title for almost 22 years.

And so with Team USA’s above average performance in the recently concluded FIBA Americas and with Russia winning the Europe Basketball. Would there be another world champion this 2008? And with Spain’s painful defeat would they bounce back in an emphatic passion? And so the drama continues… can’t wait for the world championship this 2008 in Beijing China.

a contrasting situation