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March 22, 2008

I am having a new domain and site… there i would be transfering some of my blogs..and updates would be place there… so for the upcoming PBA updates please do check my blog..thanks for all the support…


Two great Fights…

March 2, 2008

I hurriedly rose up from a deep slumber once my alarm clock went ringing. I got all the reasons to be excited with two of the most exciting fights of the year gracing my eyes.


The trilogy between Israel Vasquez and Rafael Marquez was the first fight I saw. True to its word the trilogy started like it was a continuation of the first two fights. Marquez was his usual form hitting the champion with precise jabs and crisp uppercuts. For the first four rounds he was dominating the fight and decking Israel in the fourth hitting the champion in the chin twice. I thought it was all over for Israel but as far as I could remember when he fought Johnny Gonzales where in he was down twice but went for a comeback and knocking Johnny out for a win. Israel made a crucial turn in the next two rounds and went on to his bread and butter game which is the inside offense. The fight was a thriller and a candidate for fight of the year. It was a see saw battle until Marquez was deducted by one point after four warnings of low blows. Although Marquez tried to be patient but Vasquez consistently dictating the fight with power shots making Marquez legs wobbled a couple of times in the fight. The fight for me was only decided on the last round wherein Vasquez if not for the ropes might have knock Marquez out but the referee still made the mandatory 8 count for a knock down rule against Marquez. Israel Vasquez proved to everybody that the first win is not a fluke and he is a force to reckon with. And will stay a champion for a long time.

Anderson Silva has an immaculate record in the MMA destroying each opponent who tried to grab his title. A good striker and a black belt jiu jitsu fighter Anderson has run out of opponent until Dan Henderson challenge him. Dan is a multi awarded fighter in the MMA arena a future hall of famer and a fighter who fights in a number of weight classes. Silva on the first round was clearly dominated by the grecko roman champion Henderson. Although a full mount was almost executed by Dan but Silva easily evades it. Round 2 was a good start for Dan but a knee on the head made Dan wobbled and be wildered. And as both are down on the canvass Silva went on Dan’s back and tried to execute a rare naked choke. Dan tried to escape Silva’s snake like choke but only made himself a deeper hole. Dan tapped out and Silva once again became the undisputed undefeated champion.


I was all smiles all day happy about the outcome of both of each fights. I have witness a monumental fight today Vasquez and Silva has made a great statement today and the fact that they won in an impressive fashion states a lot for those two fighters. With more fights coming there’s a reason to smile everyday.


I’d like to share the Vasquez-Marquez fight with you… you can download the video at this link.



Poverty and boxing…

January 21, 2008

Poverty could somehow associate to hardships and struggles… but have you ever wondered when you go to poverty stricken areas where people have absolutely nothing but still you could always see a smile plastered on each of their faces.

Those people are deprived of earthly things but they are happy and contented with life.

 Money maybe a measurement of being filthy rich but happiness could never be bought by grains of money or tons of it.

I have been a fan of boxers who came out from poverty and became successful. Manny Pacquiao is a product of poverty who had to sell cigarettes and fight for a small amount of money in order to survive…

Poverty in a sense made the best out of Manny and to many aspiring boxers.

Life maybe cruel at times when it is put on the line of fire many died and many failed in becoming a champion.

Sometimes we criticize boxers for not giving their 110 percent in all their fight but it’s hard to be put in the pedestal when you’re fighting for dear life.

Poverty and boxing may not be synonymous in a lot of things but still we should put it in our mentality that when life put us on the brink of nothingness the only thing we do is we have to punch our way out of it… like boxers do…


The Truth about Brandon

November 25, 2007

Brandon “The Truth” Vera on the first round of his highly anticipated return against a decorated giant fighter Tim Sylvia suffered an injury in his left hand which proved to be very costly with the eventual unanimous decision win in favor of Tim.

Born in October 10, 1977, a Filipino- American who has an ancient Filipino writing called Alibata tattooed in his back which has the Earth, Wind, Water and fire elements.

He was the next big thing in UFC as he made his way to the top with an immaculate record of 8 wins, 6 by knocks out with 1 submission but was eventually defeated by Tim Sylvia in his come backing fight.

He was inactive for about a year because of his dispute with his former trainer Mark Dion which has to be settled by an arbiter for the California Athletic Commission.

He was an confident fighter with lots of hype in his bouts. If not for the dispute he would have fought Tim Sylvia earlier for the championship belt which Tim eventually lost to the Greco roman style fighter Randy Couture.

Brandon has a good background in wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. He also trained in Greco Roman wrestling which serves to be an Achilles to Tim Sylvia. He could have stick to Greco style but instead in one or two occasion tried to slug it out with Tim. He injured his left hand in the fight and lost but it maybe a way to make him a better fighter…

He lost to a champion and the product of inactivity. The truth about Brandon is he will be back and a much better fighter, the truth about Brandon is he went down but made his loss a challenge to come back…. The truth about Brandon is he made us proud!

“It is not the victory that counts it is our attitude whenever we fall and learn to rise”


The Dream and the bull (Gorres-Darchinyan fight)

October 27, 2007

When IBF orders an eliminator bout between Darchinyan and Gorres this would be a break away party for the dream since his last bout was a rob out by WBO in his fight against Montiel while displaying boxing lessons and staggering the champion in a lot of occasions he was denied by a split decision with the referee in connivance with a questionable deduction against Gorres.

Vic Darchinyan the Armenian born who resides in Australia is still fresh from a 12 round knockout against stubborn Filipino fighter Federico Catubay in which his explosiveness is slowly depleting. People and boxing critics are not impressed with Darchinyan since his opponent is rated only 13 in the IBF standing. He was not the same explosive fighter after the demolition job of Nonito Donaire where in he was knockout in the early round.

The Gorres fight would be redemption for Darchinyan and wanted to prove that he is back. But Gorres who got a glimpse of the championship belt will surely deny Darchinyan’s wishful thinking since he was just a split decision close in winning his dream of becoming a champion. And having the opportunity again to be in the lime light he just can’t afford to loose a fight.

Donnaire exposes Darchinyan’s weakness which is the way he position his power punch when he moves forward while dropping his defenses and Donnaire made a perfectly timed 1-2 combination that ended the fight. Darchinyan maybe victorious in his last fight but Catubay is no Gorres. Gorres is like Gerry Peñalosa who moves and creates angles which makes him more difficult to hit and can jab very well. Both Darchinyan and Gorres have defeated Nonito’s brother Glenn Donnaire and while Darchinyan went up to 6 rounds against Glenn, Gorres in the other hand had an easy time scoring a knockout in the first round. All aspect in the Gorres-Darchinyan bout goes all to Gorres and winning this match he would have to compete with Kirilov the reigning IBF champion who is also a Freddie Roach trained.

Gorres-Darchinyan would be a great undercard for the Dec.1 bout which features Former Darchinyan’s tormentor Nonito Donnaire.


Manny the underpaid Superstar?

October 22, 2007

He is one of the top boxers in the world but he is one underpaid superstar in boxing. Yep folks Manny Pacquiao might be the no.1 pound per pound in ratings but he doesn’t even get half of the purse on what other underrated superstars have.

Michael Marley is one of the most noted columnist in boxing who manages boxing confidential made a serious allegation that Manny before the Barrera rematch threatens to back out because of the purse he is receiving. The result ended with Manny’s lawyer Franklin Jacal challenging Marley into a fight in the ring. (I would definitely vote this for fight of the year) But after all the emotions boiled down they all both come into senses and made peace…otherwise it would be a one sided match between a 200 plus lb fighter against a 160 lb Jacal.

Marley does made a point that eventhough Manny is making about 3 million dollars plus share of PPV’s he is still an underpaid superstar.

With making HBO ppv sales reach to a top mark. Manny should demand more money in his next bout.


Floyd Mayweather is an undefeated fighter who doesn’t draw a crowd but stays on top of the lb per lb list. He is receiving about 10 Million dollars in his next bout against fellow undefeated Ricky Hatton. Ricky in his part is receiving about 8 Million dollars on the upcoming bout against Floyd. So if you put it in a right perspective. Floyd Mayweather is a boring fighter and Ricky Hatton is a relatively unknown boxer in some parts of the world is receiving more money than Pacman. Pacquiao brought back the crowd in boxing and brought the intensity and the excitement in the arena. He could fill any arena he wanted to fight so why not top rank and Golden boy spend more money in his fights rather than those boring and lesser income generating fights.

So I won’t be surprised if Pacquiao demands more money in his next fight after all he is the superstar in boxing otherwise those threats of backing up will now be true-life not mere allegations.

The “Fearless” Gerry Peñalosa

October 20, 2007

In August 7, 1972 Gerry Peñalosa was born in San Carlos city, Phil. The greatest tactician in boxing who never tasted the canvass because of his defensive skills. In his era the lighter weights doesn’t ring a bell in the boxing world. They are just mere entertainers for the main event which is the heavy weight division. After winning the WBC Super flyweight title in 1997 Peñalosa have to travel in order to find good fights and offers thus lost his title in a home town decision by In Joo Cho who fights with his legs rather than his hands avoiding Gerry’s arsenal by running and clinching. His bid in capturing his title back went fruitless for 10 years.

Gerry is the brother of the two time division champion Dodie boy Peñalosa who is a polio stricken boxer who offered his help to Manny Pacquiao as conditioning coach for the Barrera rematch. Gerry and Dodie boy became the only boxers in the Phil who both have championship belts in 1997.

Gerry who was once retired because of no opportunities in the lighter weights came back after Manny Pacquiao revolutionized the world of boxing. Sometimes he sparred with Manny and others would say that they were just so game that sometimes they both knock each other out.

Gerry saw Daniel Ponce Deleon while fighting for an undercard and was vocal that he wanted a fight with Deleon. The fight materialized and Gerry was a 6-1 underdog. He wasn’t given any chance of winning the bout and people who would bet in the fight were betting for which round Gerry would be knockout. The fight was such a brilliant and the tactician in Gerry’s was shown in this fight taking Deleon to school with sharp hooks and body punch. But it ended with a questionable decision. Although it was a close fight Deleon was rewarded in a lopsided unanimous decision.

Gerry move on and captured the WBO crown against the highly favored Mexican Johnny Gonzales in the infamous world cup of boxing.

In the rematch between Pacquiao and Barrera he was challenged to a street fight against the iconic Mexican Jorge Arce. Both wanted to slug it out on the streets but cooler heads prevailed and maybe they would have a fight in the ring but after Gerry gets his rematch against Deleon. He really wanted to fight Deleon just to settle everything especially on that controversial win by the Mexican.

Gerry at age 35 had only two fights remaining before hanging up his gloves. And what a delight to see Gerry takes on the two Mexican warriors Deleon and Arce.

Surely he goes by his name… “Fearless”

the “fearless”