For PBA Live 07

PBA rosters alternate link :

To all..PBA Live 2008 is now available for download…this is still a beta version the release date for the PBA live 2008 would be late this month..
Credits to Panelo team..

ok instructions will be here:
for uni- transfer all the files in the sgsm folder called uniforms
for stadia- transfer all the files in the sgsm folder called stadia
for sgsm- transfer all the files in the sgsm
for players- transfer all the files in the sgsm folder called players
for fe- transfer files at C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\NBA LIVE 08\fe
for common-transfer files at sgsm folder called common
and last but not the least
for the save rosters- extract the folder in C:\Documents and Settings\jess\My Documents\NBA LIVE 08\saves

Play NBA live 2008 and load the game in the options… if you could see the pba file name click and load the game…
credits goes to the Panelo Pba Live team…
FYI: this is a beta game only not the real deal.. this is made so that people would not be tired of waiting for the original game to be release…

NEW PBA LIVE 2007 updates

UPDATES for PBA live 2007
his patch will update San Miguel to Magnolia. This incluedes the jerseys and logos.
This will also update the roster and added some player portraits and missing players.

NBA LIVE 2008 fixed

this patch fixes the NBA live 2008 non original copy.. just download the file and replace your existing NBA live 2008.exe file in your EA folder… Enjoy

PBA live 07 Updates with Cebuana lhuiller and Harbour team for season mode.;9718608;/fileinfo.html

credits to prinsipe

PBAlive2006 -credits to Panelo team

part 1-;9719580;/fileinfo.html

part 2-;9719697;/fileinfo.html

username :PBALIVE2006
password: F46F-BDK6-FY7B-7T86


302 Responses to Download

  1. france says:

    astig pba……….

  2. richmond says:


  3. enkil221 says:

    meron konting BUGS pero astig parin

  4. juliet says:

    i have installed pbalive 2007 on my pc but i can’t play it, what should i do? it said the file does not exist. But i’ve installed it properly!
    please help me!!!!
    Thanx God bless and Merry christmas!!!

  5. hingedman says:

    hi juliet.. to make the PBAlive2007 run.. u should have an NBA live 2007 program since this is only a patch to the original NBALive..

  6. jay says:

    oooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……………. ppppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaano dddddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww mag download ng pba08??

  7. jheyd says:

    hi… yung pbalive2008 gumagana na ba?? salamat po sa reply

  8. hingedman says:

    @jheyd- yup but still its on beta version

  9. iya_kramybba says:


  10. iya_kramybba says:

    ser san ipapaste pag nag dload ka ng update ng players at jersey ng nba live? s sgsm /uniform ba?

  11. hingedman says:

    @iya- yup kamukha nga yung mga mukha pati definition ng body at headshape.. im using a 256 video card but it works well for me.. to avoid yung mga bug at pag slowdown ng game.. u just have to lower down its settings.. to low and thats it…
    yup u can put the jerseys in sgsm uniform

  12. iya_kramybba says:

    k salamat po

  13. iya_kramybba says:

    ser hingedman question po meron n po bnang pang patch na team pilipinas s nba live 2008 n pang fiba????

  14. iya_kramybba says:

    ung s FIBA po meron k n po bang patch nun n png team pilipinas??

  15. hingedman says:

    @iya- there is… with some FIBA teams included.. but as of now.. PBA live is still in BETA mode…

  16. ghostwind says:

    sir wla n po ung PBA Live 2008…pede pa upload ulit?
    keep it up Team Panelo

    maraming salamat po!

  17. kenneth says:

    san po mkkdwnload ng patch pra s pba live 2008?

  18. hingedman says:

    @ghostwind and Kenneth:
    the link i have provided above is working fine… you just have to download it again… but remember this is only a testing stage.. works for the PBA live 2008 is still ongoing..

  19. says:

    ser ung pba live 2008 b eh pang nba live 2008 din po b!??? tska baket pagdinadownload ko ung pba live08 lumalabas mega upload toorbar?? kailangan b idownload ko muna ung tool bar na un? wala jk n bang ibang link/???

  20. hingedman says:

    @iya…- yup pbalive 08 can be played if u have an nba live 08..
    -yah… u have to download the toolbar bro…and unfortunately wala akong ibang link

  21. kenneth says:

    ser bkt d ko po mlaro un play now s pba live08

  22. says:


  23. says:


  24. hingedman says:

    @kenneth- u can play PBA live 08 it the saves menu.. just look for the PBA and load file.. thats it…
    @iya- i think theres something wrong with your cousin’s connection… it works perfectly fine for me bro…what he will do is to download again the file until its done..

  25. says:

    ser hingedman anong size po nung pbalive 2008 patch???

  26. hingedman says:

    its about 100 plus MB…

  27. says:

    salamat… pero same lang din b cla ng pba live2007?? parehas ng graphics at features at roster????

  28. hingedman says:

    yup… pero this was made para hindi mainip yung mga taong naghintay para sa release.. thats why its still a beta version… maybe later this month a new PBA live 08 would be release..

  29. says:

    anu po ba ung beta version??bkit mas mababa ung size nya compare s pbalive 2007?? ano po pinagkaiba nya? ittry ko idl s min kahit mabagal lang ang connection ko kc kard lng ako pero ung patch n 19mb n nba ndl ko 2 hours lang kya ittry ko yang pbalive2008 gusto ko n kc maglaro ng pba live

  30. says:

    kc wala talaga ako makita na installer….

  31. says:

    iddload ko po b muna ung tool bar s mega upload? tapos ano po gagawin ko?

  32. hingedman says:

    @ Beta version are just files that are place for the purposed of testing…
    If youre downloading a megaupload file you have to download its tool bar… then after downloading just refresh the page or click the link for the megaupload file…

  33. says:

    matagal po b yun

  34. says:

    pero parehas lang po cla ng features? at graphics?

  35. hingedman says:

    as far as i know… its still an ongoing project….
    PBA live 07 and 08 beta version are just the same files… in 08 beta… its just the 07 files converted to 08… thats it…

  36. iya_kramybba says:

    ser!!! nakabili n ako ng pba 2007 patches…..astig ang angas maganda pero ser baket ndi pd maglaro ng dynasty at season????tsaka san ako makakakita ng mga patches nya?

  37. hingedman says:

    there is no dynasty in PBA and i think there’s no need for it man.. pero meron season mode..

  38. iya_kramybba says:

    ser ndi pd maglaro ng season o kaya dynasty??? tska s 2008 po b my commentator n ang pba live 2007???kc ung s nba p din ang commentator???lalo gaganda ung pba po>>>>>

  39. hingedman says:

    im not sure but i hope that there would be a commentator for the pba 08 game..but so far it remains to be seen…

  40. iya_kramybba says:

    ser pano maglaro ng season ayaw gumana kc!?

  41. iya_kramybba says:

    nakita ko sa forum pd dw po maglaro ng season my gumawa n dw n patch para makalaro ng season…. meron k po b????2lung naman ulit

  42. iya_kramybba says:

    pano po mag season mode??

  43. iya_kramybba says:

    ser pa no po magseason mode

  44. hingedman says:;8868675;/fileinfo.html credits to prinsipe for the season mode.. included in the season mode are Cebuana lhuiller and Harbour team

  45. iya_kramybba says:

    ser question po nownload ko na ung season mode,nainstall ko na (sgsm,stadia,@uniform update)kaso bket ganun p din wla naman nadagdag n cebuana lhuiller atharbaur team??tska ser ung update na smb- magnolia pagmaglalaro ako magnolia n ung pangalan pro ung uniform san miguel p din… tska po ung mga player na rookie walang mukha tapos STRIPE ang mukha?

  46. iya_kramybba says:

    ser patulong ulit po…..salamat ng madami

  47. iya_kramybba says:

    tsaka ser ung pba live 2008 n beta version my season n b un? ano un makakapaglaro k nb buo game ndi cya mgeeror?

  48. iya_kramybba says:

    ser pls

  49. iya_kramybba says:


  50. hingedman says:

    hi iya… add me in ur ym its

  51. Anonymous says:

    tagal naman ma release huhuhuhu

  52. mateo says:

    Mga sir,baka meron pa sa inyo na may pba live 06,pashare naman( di ko kasi malaro un 07 at 08,256mb lang ram ko e,wala na ko makita na working link.Tnx

  53. hingedman says:

    @mateo – so far this is the best pbalive ever made… im uploading 06 and just try to look at my site for the link posting..

  54. mateo says:

    oks man! intay ko na lang! tnx!

  55. Anonymous says:

    sir hingedma until now PBA LIVE 2008 still not releases? you said that maybe this february right?

  56. ferdel says:

    hingedman ngdownload ako ng roster update ng pba 2007 i put it in the save file ng nba 2007 ko. dn i open my 2007 to play, i load the pba roster but when i try to play it na hindi mkatuloy may debug message and close. ano kaya problm? hope u can help me….

  57. hingedman says:

    @anonymous – there are a lot of technicalities and some patching to be done… the panelo team is still fixing the current bugs they are having on the said game as much as we wanted to play PBA08 but right now the best thing we could do is to wait.

    @ferdel- bro you have to download the two PBA installers…the PBA.exe and the roster.exe the PBA live 2007 has a window prompt you dont need to go to NBA live 2007 to play it. The prompt will only ask you if you are going to play PBA or the NBA. the best thing to do is to download the installers and download the updates stated on my download page.

  58. ferdel says:

    so brod. hingedman wer can i download it? do you have it in your site?tnx in advance…..

  59. hingedman says:

    @ferdel- yup bro…its in this forum

  60. mateo says:

    pano ba magdownload ng madali sa filefront?

  61. hingedman says:

    theres no shortcut in downloading bro… you just have to do it correctly and wait since this is a free site.

  62. DIEALONE says:

    bakit sa akin di ko malaro nag error

  63. hingedman says:

    @Diealone- bro saan nag error?

  64. mateo says:

    nadload ko na bro! tnx

  65. DIEALONE says:


  66. DIEALONE says:

    sir hingedman pa help namn po kasi nag crush ung game kpag nagsisimula na ung game tama nman po lhat ng ginwa ko pero ayaw tlga

  67. Mateo says:

    Bro baka may alam kang download ng logos/uniforms ng welcoat?Katamad gawin e,daming logos sa 06,saka roster update na gumagana sa seas 0n?Nag.Eer0r un nas panelo site e,tried to c0nvert the 07 r0ster,pero andami pala trabaho mashado,

  68. DIEALONE says:


  69. gabe says:

    san iniinstall ung pba pls

  70. tristan says:

    pnu madownload poh un??

  71. tristan says:

    bro bat ngeeror pag mgsstart na ung game bgla nlng nwwla??

  72. hingedman says:

    baka meron ka hindi nainstall bro

  73. Anonymous says:

    tagal pa ba ito?

  74. ray says:

    sir hingedman i just want to ask there is no save folder in my nba live 2008 but i can save data.that’s why i can’t do this instructions_—->>> for the save rosters- extract the folder in C:\Documents and Settings\jess\My Documents\NBA LIVE 08\saves

    hope you can help thanks dude.

  75. ray says:

    there’s is also another error.ayaw nyang magtransfer sa mga EA sports folders,,please help me.i want to play this game..o

  76. ray says:

    ayaw nyang mag create huhuhuhuh,ayaw nyang mag zip huhuh

  77. gelo says:

    hello po sa lahat
    tanong ko lang po sana
    kung may nabibili po bang original CD ng PBA Live patch like 2006, 2007 and 2008?

    salamat po

  78. Anonymous says:

    walang balita!!

  79. wakatuts says:

    anu wala prin ba balita… nkkatat na yan ah…

  80. hingedman says:

    wala pa mga bro..baka May na yun eh lalabas…

  81. hingedman says:

    @gelo- i dont know bro but kasi ung PBA live is made for free you just have to download it on

  82. mongz says:

    mga sir,bkt un nba 2008 sa pc nageerror??after ng 1st quarter lmlbAs sa wndows tpos error?pnu gagwin dun?tnx

  83. hingedman says:

    @mongz- download the NBA 2008 fixed bro

  84. mjay says:

    Sir hingedman, my season mode na ba available for pba live 2008. ty

  85. Dan says:

    Bro, may pba live 2006 ba?..
    kung meron? dba kailangan ng NBA live 2006 muna na naka.install sa pc?..
    hope sum1 could answer my question..

  86. hingedman says:

    @mjay- i think wala pa bro..we all just have to wait..
    @Dan- there is PBALive 06 i think that was the best PBALive i have ever played… and u have to install first NBAlive 06 bro for it to work.

  87. Dan says:

    thanks bro hingedman.. where can i download the pbalive06?
    i already have the nba live 2006 installed in my pc.. i tried d link above but it directed me 2 the filefront homepage..

  88. Dan says:

    I mean where can i find the download link in filefront bro?..

  89. hingedman says:

    @dan- u just have to search it bro kasi wala na sa aking pc ung pba 06 na file eh.. sensya na bro

  90. Dan says:

    ganon ba.. sayang naman bro.. pero thanks a lot..
    atleast i know na merong pbalive06..
    thanks again..

  91. ryan says:

    sir hingedman kailan po ba matatapos ang PBA LIVE 2008?

  92. miller says:

    mga guys.. pakipost kung meron ng 2k8 ah..ang tagal ko na kz iniintay.. wala cguro badget na si panelo, sana we support him. para magkaroon na ng sarilng game ang pba.. more power panelo. guys.. let me know as soon as u know..

  93. hingedman says:

    Sorry guys PBALIVE08 is still on the making… like i said theres nothing much we can do here bros we all just have to wait

  94. shanjo2822 says:

    bro san ung nba live 07? pls

  95. shanjo2822 says:

    bro san ung nba live 07? pls help me!!…. plssssss
    excited na akong maglaro ng pba live o7…….!!!!!!! pls help!

  96. shanjo2822 says:

    bro saan ung nba live 07 para malaro ko na ung pbalive 07????……!!!!!!! pls help me i’m just a 12 y.o. boy!!! pls help me kuya hingedman!!!

  97. oliver says:

    hingedman.. pano b m.kuha ung file ng pba live 08 sa rapid share?? ng.eerror kasi!!! tulong.. i want to play 08..

  98. roy john says:

    mga tol pasend naman sa email ko ung roster at ung mga iba pang patch pero kung nde available kahit ung roster na lang ng pba live07 plsssssss. ito email ko thanks in advance

  99. jon says:

    sir,bkt nag crush un live08 ng pba,dama nmn ung pag download q,wlng logo un mga teams

  100. johnrey says:

    pana e download ung pba live 2007?

  101. Anonymous says:

    san po ba makaka download ng nba live 08

  102. ivie says:

    sir hingedman, ayos na po b ung pbalive 08?…. gumagana po b 2?

  103. makemelaugh says:

    sir bat po gnun….pag inoopen ko ung link mo…ayaw mag DL….anu ba icclick dun?…..member na po ako ng megaupload…….

  104. makemelaugh says:

    hehehe ok na pla

  105. claude says:

    kuya give some links ng PBA Live 2008…..gusto ko pong maglaro ng pba 2008….still beta pa rin ba?

  106. oliver says:

    wla nmn 2008 download eh….

  107. arjay says:

    kuya hingedman tulong bat wala na file sa nbalive2008fix…tulong nmn po pls

  108. idol says:

    sir hingedman saan po ba pde maka download ng NBA LIVE 2007 gus2 ko kasi mag laro ng PBA LIVE 2007 pero wala ako NBA LIVE 2007!! reply asap sir thnx!!

  109. hingedman says:

    @idol -bro download it on a torrent file.. like
    To all
    Im sorry to say PBA LIVE 08 is still not available yet we will just have to wait ok guys.. dont worry ill post it whenever its available. Godspeed

  110. christian says:

    guys, pwede b makahingi ng complete patches/installer ng pbalive 05 or pbalive 06?tnx.God bless u

  111. calvein says:

    pde ba mag lro ng pba live 06 kht 08 ung nba ko hingedman???? tnx

  112. jay-r says:

    pano po ba i donwload at king san????/

  113. jay-r says:


  114. baytegs says:

    meron poh bng pba live

  115. says:

    pde po b mglaro ng pbalive kht wlang nba??

  116. says:

    pde neu po b i send ung installer ng pbalive o6 pti 7?pls.tnx po

  117. says:

    sa ym ko po w8 ko un mgrreply:D

  118. says:

    pg my ngrep bgay neu ym neo.tnx ult:D

  119. says:

    anu po b pword ng pbalive05?????

  120. mckens says:

    sir pag click ng download kc eh ang sabi —Your download has failed. There were no available download servers.
    Click here to try your download again. Click here to try your download again.

    anu yan? email ko

  121. Anonymous says:

    bkit ayaw ung download link ng pba live 2008 sa mega upload?? everytime na pumupunta ako sa link lumalabas ung megaupload toolbar download… help pls…

  122. Jerard999 says:

    kuya hingedman san po ba pwede makadownload ng patch para maayos ung mukha ng mga players para po sa pb live 07 ito kc walang mukha lahat ng pkayers except c alapag

  123. Lawrence says:


  124. Lawrence says:

    tae di ma download ang inyong megauploder na yanweak pa pagkagawa dyan magaling a ko

  125. JDUB says:

    E-Mail Me with instructions

  126. lucky me says:

    san po pde mkakuha ng download ng pba live 2007?pllssssssssssssss ang tgal ko ng naghahanap eh thanks po

  127. lucky me says:

    pkireply po agad
    oh kya pasend nlang sa Y.M ko kung sa makukuha…..o sa frendster ko…eto po email add ko..

  128. hingedman says:


  129. hingedman says:

    for PBA 07 here it is:

    1- copy the download link of PBALiveSetup.exe and PBA2007rosters


    2- goto this site and paste the link…. and click hide my ass….

    credits to Van and Panelo team

  130. mckensm says:

    yung pba 07 procedure mo di ko mahanap, pa ki clear poh yung procedure di ko talaga ma download pba 07,my nba 07 na ako,pero gus2 ko rin laro pba nandun man idol ko kc,,message me nlng sa email tol, kung pede

  131. LiLbonezo says:

    sir,pano po ba mag laro ng PBA LIVE 08? na install ko na ung NBA LIVE 08 tpos na download ko rin ung PBA LIVE 08 na binigay nyo d2. saan ko ilalagay ung files ng PBA LIVE 08?tnx po..

  132. Mang Mags says:

    bro san ba madodownload setup for pbalive 08??

  133. abcdukot says:

    brad wala pa ba updates PBA Live 08??

  134. hingedman says:

    Mga Bro there are no PBA updates yet…but rest assured ill inform everyone…

  135. Mang Mags says:

    sir hingedman pde po bang malaman kung anu ung site sa setup for pbalive08?… thnx

  136. bhrixxe says:

    brad… still upbeat para sa paglabas ng pba live 2008. 😀

  137. cp3 says:

    sna pwd dn idownload ang pba live 2008..wag po sa filefront ilagay…dame mhhrapan mg download dun…sa rapidshare nlng..tnx

  138. MAviN says:

    sr. nalalaro qoh po ung pba live 08, ok nman po ung pc nmen xp service pack 3, 1gb ram, 512 video card, kea lng after mga 3 mins, ng pglalaro. tumitigil tpos nkalagay ung error tpos send error report or don’t send help poh ang ganda kea lng indi qoh maenjoy.

    thank you and more power!

  139. Mang Mags says:

    @ Mavin brod san po nio na DL ung pba live 08? thnx

  140. cp3 says:

    ako dun s link..sna pg hnd na beta pwd pdn mdownload..

  141. hingedman says:

    @ MAvin – there’s no problem with your pc bro you just have to download the NBA fix para gumana… you replaced the old NBA exe file with this one

  142. ja says:

    bket ganon natransfer ko nmn lahat ng files na pinapatransfer para sa 2008.. gumagana xa pero pag my foul at free throw nag eerror.. saka pag nagrereplay.. bwal din ang dynasty at season nag eeror din pati sa 2007.. pls reply nmn ty poh..

  143. Earl says:

    Sir, natry nyu na po ba ung nba2008 mod ni red clouds??? Triny ko kc pero di gumagana eh, ng oout tapos check online for solutions

  144. cp3 says:

    akin la nman error

  145. earl says:

    ah panu nyu po ginawa???

  146. Vinsanity19 says:

    sn po pde mkakuha ng PBA Live 08 kasi po di ko madownload yung nsa mega websit my iba pa po bang mapagdo2wnloadan?

  147. hingedman says:

    For those who are looking for the PBALIVE 08 its still on beta version bro.. release would have to be postponed but dont you worry its still on going project… we will just have to wait.. here’s the DL link for the beta

  148. bhrixxe says:

    brad yung link ng nba fix di na ata nag wowork.

    napagana ko na yung pba 2008 sa nba 2008. wala nga lang season mode..

  149. hingedman says:

    Ok heres the new link for NBAlive08 fix patch..

  150. Vinsanity19 says:

    Sir bkit po pag click ko yung mega website wla namang file dun??? wla na po bang ibang site maliban sa megaupload?

  151. Vinsanity19 says:

    pag nasa mega website na ko ano na po gagawin ko para madownload yng PBA Live 08? kasi wala naman po ako nakikita dun. tnx!

  152. Mang Mags says:

    nid help naman po same as problem with Vinsanity ala rin me makita sa site
    pls help po

  153. BRYAN says:

    i download the fix file what will i do next.. do i have to delete the existing nba.exe with pba.exe or i have to download also the beta file in megaupload?

  154. BRYAN says:

    im sorry the one i download is fix nba live.rar what will i do here.. i install my nba live 08 and i wanna play pba 08 pls. give me step by step procedure on how to play it.. i been waiting this for so long. thanks sir.

  155. BRYAN says:

    do i really have to replace nba08.exe with the nba rar file i download?..

  156. BRYAN says:

    kailangan pb i download ung pba 06 or 07 para malaro 08?… first time q 2. hindi q na naa butan ung 06 and 07, kaya wala q file. ask q lng kung talaga i extract q ung save roster sa labas na ng folder ng ea sports,

  157. fast13Nfurious47 says:

    ser, tungkol sa pampagana ng seaon mode (;8868675;/fileinfo.html). nagkakaron po ng ganitong error pag access sa page:

    “There was an error processing your request. Please wait while your request is retried in 10 seconds…

    If this error persists, please contact FileFront support.”

    San pa po ba available yung update na to? Tenks!

  158. joey_31 says:

    bro, may message hindi q ma open, insert the correct cd.

    ano na po gagawin q?..

  159. kin says:

    kuya saan po b pede mka dl ng pba live 06 & 07…? paki e-mail nman po kung meron kayo. . tnx po…

  160. paul_james23 says:

    kuya pano po ba madownload ung PBA live 07 Updates with Cebuana lhuiller and Harbour team for season mode.?? kasi pag nagpupunta ako d2;9718608;/fileinfo.html there is no server found po nkalagay sa filefront., my iba pa ba way para mgawa un??

    reply namn po kuya asap.,

    take care always

  161. paul_james23 says:

    kuya ala po ba updates para dun sa jersey ng purefoods ung away.,. kulay blue po kasi color., db po red na un.,. ala po ba update para mbago un??

  162. paul_james23 says:

    kuya., na download ko na ung;8868675;/fileinfo.html san ko po

    ilalagay ung file na updates.rar???

    gusto ko na po kasi mlaro ung season mode eh.,


  163. RICO says:

    Kuya paano ba eh download ang pba live07

  164. ranilo says:

    kuya pano po ba mag download ng pba07 pede p2ro nmn po plsss…..

  165. ranilo says:

    pede po p2ro nmn po plssss…….

  166. ejlavarias30 says:

    sir hingedman. . . wala parin po ba tlga unghindi beta? matagal pa ba un? nakakaexcite ksi eh. . . sana mailabasa na kasi malapit na mag 2009 eh. . .

  167. ztnetzhopz says:

    pre, thanks sa creativity mo. sa ngalan ng lahat ng computer shop na nagdownload nito, kami ay nagpapasalamat sa iyo.

    more power bro, and really thank you. please don’t be tired of creating mods like this.


  168. don cute says:

    sir panuh ilagy ung pacth s ng pba live 07 s nba 08??? sir txtbak

  169. nike says:

    san po mkkpgdload ng team pilipinas pach para sa fiba?

  170. jepoy says:

    kuya update po pls sa pba live 08?


  171. xtian says:

    sir wala na ba ibang pwede site para mdownload ‘eong PBA live 2008 patch..
    beta pa rin ba ung nkapost? sensya na poh..
    tnx.. God Speed!

  172. mitch says:

    san mkkpgdownload ng team pilipinas para sa fiba????

  173. Dimasalang says:

    panu to ma un-install mga kapatid..

  174. dmasalang says:

    never mind ung un-install,
    dude sabi ng link mo sa rapidshare
    file cannot be found

  175. angelo says:

    ano po bang site pupuntahan ko pra mka pag download ako sa PBA LIVE 08 ndi ko po kc alam kng san eh gs2ng gs2 ko po tlga maglaro ng PBa LIVE mail nio po ako pls e2 po or text me n lng 09109786050 pls sagutin nio po prob ko pls pls i want 2 play PBA LIVE

  176. elmer says:

    pano magdownlod???san magdownload???d q tlga alm…paturo…i2 ym q..elmer_hablo..o sa fs…elmer_hablo@y.c..pls ..gus2 q nang maglaro nito…:D:D

  177. dimasalang says:

    d gumagana ung crack fix mo,
    nag cracrash farin ung game…

  178. xtian says:

    ung NBA Live 2008 fix ok sya di na namamatay pagkatapos ng every quarter or magtime out or may mainjury,, tnx a lot,, ndownload ko na rin poh ung beta ng PBA 2008 pero sir wala pa poh ba full version ng PBA live 2008 mod ung pati intro at pictures sa screen at sa loading ay PBA stars na rin?hehe pls. inform us pag meron na poh! tnx a lot!!!!!!!! ASTIG!!!

  179. TF2 player says:

    astig toh ayos ganda!!!!!
    kelan po ba ilalabas ung fullversion?
    sana pati pangalang ng player sinasabi,hindi ung number…anyway ang ganda na

    mga brad coming na po sa PC for the first time ang NBA2K9..wlan nman ngayong NBA Live 08

  180. jayson21 says:

    kuya pnu poh idownload ung pba 2008 kc poh gstong2 kng mlaro un eh
    kesa poh pa2bili p k s pilipinas pturo n lng poh ako plzzzzzzzz

  181. jayson21 says:

    kuya sbhn mo poh skn plz oh kya send mo poh s ym k
    dangeraura_04 yn poh thx

  182. jayson21 says:

    kuya pnu poh idownload ung pba2008 s mega upload

  183. jayson21 says:

    ei ok n poh pla salamt n lng dto s site n 2 nla2ro k n ung pba 2008
    kya lng pangit lng hnd binabangit ung name ng mga players ska
    english ung ngre2port ktulad s nba ska pgumpisa nba team ung binabanggit
    pero ok n rn salamt

  184. jayson21 says:

    hingedman : meron bng game mode s pba 2008 pra s mga import
    hnd k kc mkta eh

  185. xtian says:

    wala pa bang PBA 2008? huhu xcited na kami!!!! ehehe

  186. xtian says:

    jayson21 nandun sa rookie-sophomore game PBA imports vs Team Pilipinas

  187. jayson21 says:

    wla nmn ehh

  188. jayson21 says:

    bkt nma2tay ung program k ng nba pg mgla2ro ako ng allstar weekend

  189. jayson21 says:

    pota bt nababoy ung nba live 08 k
    ung team n philadephia nging harbour center
    tpz hnd p mlaro ung allstar weekend
    nu b yn wlng ibng paraan pra maaus 2

  190. bhrixxe says:

    brad jayson magdownload ka ng rosters update ng nba live.. 🙂 tapos iloload mu lang…

  191. jayson21 says:

    panu ilo2ad brad ska sn ako mkkhanap

  192. zc says:

    bro wla na bang ibang link ng pba 2008 beta version para sa nba08 live…kasi ung link blocked url sa akin….

  193. marshe says:

    mga tol, namamatay kasi ung pbalive 08 after 1st quarter…pano po kaya ma solve tong problem? please help me naman po…thanks!!!

  194. xtian says:

    marshe download mo d2 tpos extract copy mo ung file tapos overwrite mo ung NBALive2008.exe kung wer mong folder na install ‘eong NBA Live 2008,,
    -credits to this site

  195. dave says:

    dead link napo ung fix_nba_live_exe.rar.. pa re-up naman po.

  196. dyasper says:

    sir hingedman paano ko po mado-download un sa flyupload?
    reply po agad plsss…

  197. bil says:

    paano po i install ung pba live 08 .,,.,.,..,.,..,.,.,maganda ba yung griphics
    …,.tol………ung rooster san ma download un.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,

  198. japhet says:

    sana ang pba live meron din sa ps two,

  199. japhet says:

    sir hingedman wla ba sa ps two pba live

  200. Eddy_boy says:

    Puta ang tagal naman Ilabas yung PBA LIVE 08 sawa na ako dito sa Beta Version eh

  201. jason says:

    wala pa rin po ba ung full version ng pba live 2008?

  202. swabe says:

    bakit pag nag shoot ung kalaban sa pba live 08


    ung error report

    pls help nmn po

  203. swabe says:

    kahit ako din pag nag shoot

    lumalabas ung program

    pag 5 on 5

    help nmn pls

  204. KingTot! says:

    meron na bang Pba Live 2008??!!!

  205. bil says:

    sir bakit sa PBA LIVE 08 beta un na download ku sa megaupload .,.,.,sir bakit walng IMPORTS doon ,.,.,puru local lang ,.,.tapos dun sa pag pipilian ng team wala pang logo .,.,
    pero maganda naman ,.,.,.,.,.,.,astig,.,.,.,.,,.,.kailan ba i lalabas ung pba live 08 full ver…..

    paki blog nlng ung .,,..,websites..,.,

  206. wew says:

    wala pa po ba roster na updated

    kc meron nang mga bagong rookies e

  207. KABOOOM says:

    bkit d pwdeng mag dynasty sa PBA LIVE 08

  208. Anonymous says:


  209. bil says:

    sir ung PBA LIVE 08 na nadito sa website na….,.,.,.,.pareho lng ba ung PBALIVe na dinownload ku dito.,.,.


  210. oliver says:

    san po ba pde magdownload na nba live 07 tsaka po ung pba live 07???
    gusto ko po kc maglaro me naman po….

    tnx po…..

  211. oliver says:

    reply po agad pls………salamat nan marami…

  212. kano says:

    koya wala pa bang pba live 08 full version?

  213. Jay-r says:

    nice live08 beta Mod though maraming kulang but it rocks ANG GANDA.. sana matapos na ung fixed version..

    Credits ko sa mga gumawa.. Rock on guys

  214. alex says:

    bakit walang pba sa channel 9 at wala rin ang channel kailan babalik ang pba pls

  215. alex says:

    sa davao kami

  216. alex says:

    pls reply

  217. alex says:

    sana dinhi nalang naglipat sa ibang channel 2 nalang yata

  218. milo says:

    ahhm i will just ask if the rooster of nba 08 is possible to install in nba 06? and also the pba 08? pls help me….tnx in advance

  219. low puh mxta na ang ginebra kulang naman sila bakit wala pa rin si mark at si valenzuela

  220. low puh mxta na ang ginebra kulang naman sila bakit wala pa rin si mark at si valenzuela kailan puh sila mag lalaro sana mag laro na sila para hindi na sila matalo

  221. ako nga pla si danel ang favorite team ko ay ginebra!!!!!!! sana mag laro na si mark at si valenzuela………………………….mark at valenzuela eto lang ang masasabi koh sa inyo…….
    sana mark wag kanang umarti mag laro ka na cge na plsssssssss

  222. plsssssss help me paano ba install ang pba08 cge na plsssss help ahhhhhhh isa nga pala ako sa punzzzzz ng

  223. poklong says:

    dapat pu ba my nba live pa bago malaro ung pba lie

  224. woohyoun says:

    hi sa mga pba player . gusto ko sana makita mga laro si dondon hontiveros sa pampangga

  225. tyron says:

    saan makikita ung pba para eh download

  226. Coke_07 says:

    ask ko lang kung san po ung 2 huling patches nung sa pba live 2007, d ko po cya madownload sa filefront, ung additional cyberface saka ung last.. please pashare po… thank you in advance..

  227. aikawa says:

    uhmm nid pa ba ng pba live 07 pra sa pba live 08? o ung nba 08 n lng tlga ang nid nun?
    thanks plss response.

  228. Anonymous says:

    ala nmn na ung rapidshare

  229. Anonymous says:

    patay na ata si kuya? hahaha’ di na nagre2ply eh..

  230. Jam says:

    Sir, any new roster update para sa 2008? thanks!

  231. kalvin says:

    sir how where i can downdload the pbalive06 it can run if you dont have a nbalive06?

    thanks sir..

  232. bil says:

    sir wala paba ung full version ng pba live 08,.,.,.,.,.,.,.

  233. MYKEL says:


  234. Paul says:

    uu nga po, bakit di ma dl sa megaupload. meron po ba alternate link? ibang mirror? thanks po, tska kelan po maa-out ung PBA live 2008 full version? excited na po kami ng tito ko eh. PBA fans po kasi kami, thanks

  235. Anonymous says:
    his patch will update San Miguel to Magnolia. This incluedes the jerseys and logos.
    This will also update the roster and added some player portraits and

  236. jhay says:

    bakit ang mga nakalagay sa folder ng nbalive08 ko is, configs,player stats, screenshot, teamstat, save setting date base. d ko lam ung sgms n cnsabi nio and common lahat d ko lam kung san lalagay ung mga DL ko

  237. jhay says:

    merun din currentdb, originaldb, workingdb, mpdata, and profiles. sana matulungan nio ko. DL ko kc ung PBA live08 eh. d ko naman alam kung san cla ilalagay.

  238. jhay says:

    sana matulungan nio ko salamat

  239. hakhak says:

    i installed nba live2008 in the middle of the game …the game crashes and prompt error ….

  240. The game says:

    ser pano mag k PBA live sa pc????

  241. Jinny says:

    Thanks for sharing this master piece with us all:

    Good Luck

  242. mark says:

    ei help me naman po… where can i download yung pba live 07??? what site would i link to?? thank you!!

  243. Prinsipe says:

    have u heard about PBA, PBL, LIGA PILIPINAS in one game

    check out here

  244. elmer says:

    try niu d2…mag dwnload ng updates…

  245. Jonathan catedrilla says:

    pwede po ba paturo, kse nagdownload nko pba live 2007 tpos yung nba live 2007 na download ko na din pero lumalabas na icon na pls insert the correct DVD?

  246. Jonathan catedrilla says:

    panu po ba dapat ko gawin? pls response nman po. thanks!

  247. Jonathan catedrilla says:

    Sir HINGEDMAN Ii know you can help me to my problem, patulong nman po sa problem ko para mag work yung nba 2007 ko. thanks

  248. Anonymous says:

    Mr. hingedman ok na yung nba live 07 ko problema ko n lng po dko mapagana yung pba live panu po ba gwin ko set up sa PC, dko mkuha yung instruction kse. e2 po yung instruction ng installer

    PBALive07 Setup.exe Graphics, Audio, Switch,
    Main NBA Live 07 Directory
    Roster Files C:\My Documents/NBA Live 07/saves

    panu ko po ba e2 execute sa PC ko? thanks

  249. yee says:

    kuya panu ilgay ung sgms ah alang mkha ung ibang layers ee plzzzzzzzz

  250. carlo says:

    pahingi aq ng patch ng PBA 2007 or PBA 2006..
    pki sebd n lng sa yahoo mail ko po..
    salamt po….

  251. bil says:

    sir……may mas maganda na sa pba live .,.,.,ung UPB live po bago un……………mas marming team ….meron ba kayong patch ng score board paki blog nalng…….o..

  252. Anonymous says:


  253. doraemon says:


  254. carlo says:

    mga pare…gagana ba ung PBA kahit walang NBA 07???paano at saan ko ma iinstall ung NBA 07 paano ko bababaan naman po pag ang VIDEOcard ko ay 64mb mababa po ba un??? paano ko po maaus ung PBA para maging comfortable ung graphics ng PBA sa pc ko???

    PLzzz reply kau….

  255. hingedman says:

    @Carlo bro pwede mo babaan yung video settings mo.. about PBA…you can’t use PBA 07 if you don’t have the NBA live 07 kasi this is only a patch.. so it only works if you have the NBA live game…

  256. abnoy123 says:

    imba din ba ang mga point guard sa pba live? i wonder if mga point guard na lang palagi umiiskor sa computer.

  257. Michael says:

    bakit po ayaw naman gumana ng pba live 06 setup? meron naman po akong nba live 06…… pano po ba i install?

  258. Michael says:

    Mr. Hingedman,,,,,, pano po ba i install ang pba live 06 stup???? meron na po akong NBA live 06… Reply po kayo plsssssss. kahit sino…..

  259. Michael says:

    meron bang nakakaalam kung paano i install ang pba live 06 setup??? lagi kacing may lumalabas error…. kahit sino sagot naman kau…….

  260. Michael says:

    meron bang nakakaalam kung paano i install ang pba live 06 setup??? lagi kacing may lumalabas error…. kahit sino sagot naman kau…… ……

  261. john stevens says:

    hingedman, gawa n b ung pba live 2008???

  262. john stevens says:

    For PBA Live 07-

    PBA rosters alternate link :

    To all..PBA Live 2008 is now available for download…this is still a beta version the release date for the PBA live 2008 would be late this month..

    >>> pre nde unavailable na yang mga link n yan,,, pde mag post k ng bagong link, pls…

  263. john stevens says:

    For PBA Live 07-

    bro yan lng pla ung link n nde gumagana,,, mag-upload k ul8 n bagong link…

  264. jj. says:

    sir bat po wla clang mukha?

  265. markjsep says:

    sir sn po b ung save folder nung nba? dun ko kz ise2yb ung pba roster, kya lng d q mkta>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  266. franxyz23 says:

    kuya di ko po madownload ung pba live 07….
    di kac gumagana ung link….
    gawa ka ulit bago link po plssss..

    ilang beses ko na try ayw tlga..


  267. ken lyle says:

    KUya Kailangan pa ng code? Ano gawin ko?

  268. WoLv3rin3 says:

    tanong lang poh.. kasi poh nag dodont send yung
    NBA LIVE 08 koh after ng mga rounds.. and pag nagtitime out.. anu poh ba dapat kong gawin?

  269. jeff says:

    hi, san po ako makaka download ng upb 08?

  270. jEHB says:

    SIR…KELAN po labas ng pba live 08…

    tsaka kelan po labas ng 09

    tsaka ng 10 tnx…

  271. neell says:

    ok paba ang download link? bakit file not found na? dl sana ako pba live 08 saka ung 07 nyo…pahingi nmn nang bagong link..plssss

  272. ariel II says:

    sir..kailangan po ba i-download lahat ng pbalive07setup?kasi po may part1,2,3,4,5….eh ang dami po nun!!ang tagal pa mag download… isa lang po ba idadownload???Pls Reply

  273. ariel II says:

    neell yung pba 07 nakita ko sa!!hanapin mo yung slamdunk patch anime tapos download…lalabas yung mga files including pbalive 07 i download mo!tapos…tapus na.lru kana

  274. ariel II says:

    sir kailangan po ba iload yung file sa game??

  275. ariel II says:

    sir maypasok na!! gusto ko na malaro to!…pls reply….T.T

  276. ariel II says:

    sir!!buhay pa ba kayo…andyan po ba kayo?pls help us!>

  277. hingedman says:

    Ok bro im still alive and kicking.. sorry if i dont get to be here much often andoon na kasi ako sa new site ko.. which doesnt include games unfortunately anyways i hear you..if you could download all the necessary files for PBA 07 then ur game will be up and running.. as far as shortcut concerns wala tayong magawa dyan.. gusto ko sanang tumulong but ngayon wala na rin yung mga files ko for that.. just message me if you have further questions..

  278. ariel II says:

    maraming salamat po sir hingeman ^_^…
    sori po kung parang galit yung comment pero hindi po yan..sori po..thank you!!

  279. ..>:( says:

    anep ah! updated pa ba to?? bkit beta pdin?ayos na..

  280. ..>:( says:

    sa nba 08..i update nyo naman tlga ung up to date roster..

  281. Hermie Lou says:

    ndownload q Lhat ng files for pba 08 ksO nagKacrush ung gAme koh., at wLa nqng intaller ng NBA 08 koh., pno na yan, sna poh ma upload nyo ung fix na .exe file., tnx pOh.,

  282. aric jan says:

    @iya- merun po b kaung alm n pde kong pagdownloadan ng hairpatch ni carmelo anthony?ung bald look na?:)ty.sana m2lungn nyo ko.:)

  283. sid says:

    sino po sa inyo may patch na pba live 2006.pahingi naman po please. di ko kasi ma download sa mga links…send nyo nman active na link sa akin.tnx po

  284. darwin says:

    sino po makaalam pano mag download ng pba live plz

  285. darwin says:

    pano ba mag dowload ng pba plzzz

  286. Anonymous says:

    ano pong ibig sabihin nung C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\NBA LIVE 08\fe

  287. gelo says:

    gud day to all: just want to ask how to and where to download pba live 06? im having a hard time looking for it or should i say the easiest way.. can anyone help me.. thanks!

  288. BENJ says:

    sir nasunod ko na po lahat ng instruction nyu sa pag transfer file ng PBA LIVE 08.. wala pa rin po akong makita na PBA file sa NBA LIVE 08 options load/save?!! bat po ganun? thnx po

  289. eize says:

    paano po ba mag download ng pba please answer me matagal na akong fans ng pba

  290. NIkko says:

    paano ba download yan paturo aq add nyu aq sa facebook

  291. mjay says:

    anu na pong gagawin pag na download na ang nba live 08 /.

  292. Mimon says:

    mga kuya…baka meron pa po s inyong may PBA 2006…wala na po kasi yung link na nakalagay sa taas…pashare naman po..salamat po.. 🙂

  293. Anonymous says:

    sir?pahingi po link nung pba liv 08
    lahat po kc error ung nakapost

  294. Anonymous says:

    bos.pahingi nman ang link sah PBA 2k8..not foud poh lahat eh… email nyo nlng poh… poh…

  295. Anonymous says:

    Saan pwede download UPB Live 2008

  296. stephen says:

    paano po bang magdownload ng pba live 08.plzzzzzz

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