The Rock is now a Tiger…

He maybe one of the controversial player who played in the PBA but he is one of the greatest center who ever played in the game. He is not a Wilt Chamberlain but his dominance and power has proved to be a dark horse in the Philippine basketball league.

Born in March 2, 1973 and at age 34 he seems to be at par with the young and talented players in the league.

Paul Asi “ the Rock” Taulava towers his way to stardome as he dominates every game with a Shaq like performance. The League’s MVP in 2003 and a two time All Star MVP in 2004 and 2006 respectively.

A mainstay of the Philippine National team and a starting center for the Talk and Text Phonepals.

Right now Asi is making waves in the PBA scene as he was traded to Coca cola for equally big Ali Peek and some future draft picks.

This move maybe beneficial to Coca Cola tigers as they are in dire need of a dominant big man and Asi wants a change of scenery as the Phone pals offense switch to the run and gun type. Although Asi can run and is very athletic the Derrick Pumaren offense can be compared to the Phoenix Suns offense with Steve Nash replica Jimmy Alapag running the show. Asi switch to his defense more and in return cost him a slot for the Phonepals roster. Why the Phonepals did trade him? Well it’s simple it’s a marketing strategy. With Asi who has a year or two before he retires they will have to look for other options and by switching to the run and gun type of offense the transition would be not that difficult. Offense would come from Macmac Cardona, Anthony Washington and Jimmy Alapag. Ali Peek might not be as dominant as Asi but a big body could help them man along the paint plus Ali doesn’t cost that much in terms of salary.

In the Coca cola Tigers part Asi prove to be a vital weapon in their offense as the motion run offense by Binky Favis would be beneficial to Asi.

Scored 30 plus points on his debut with the tigers… Asi went back to his dominant days in the PBA. With the PBA season is still ongoing the future looks bright for both teams and is shining more on Asi…

The rock relaxes..


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